College Discipline


1. Student of the college must abide by such orders of the Principal as are necessary to enforce discipline and the dignity of the institution. Violation of the Principal’s order is a serious offence and is liable to either fine or rustication, according to the nature of offence.
2. Students should take their seats before the lecturer enters the classroom and should not enter the class during the lecture, without seeking permission of the lecturer. Students are generally not allowed to ask any question during the course of the lecture. Any doubt relating to the topic should be clarified in the end.
3. A student found intentionally and deliberately creating disturbance during the course of the lecture will be immediately brought to the notice of the Principal.
4. Scriblling, pasting bills and writting on black board, disfiguring the college wall are strictly prohibited.
5. Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars, or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
6. Students are forbidden to loiter in corridor and varandah when the classes are going on.
7. Misbehaviour of the college students in any of the college matches, competition and functions will be regarded as breach of college discipline.
8. Students shall not leave the hall or room in the midst of any class.
9. Students should stand in a queue while waiting to pay their tuition fees or for other purpose.
10. Students must, at all places and particularly in the college or playground or while attending meetings, conduct themselves in a disciplined & dignified way.
11. Breach of college discipline will lead to expulsion of the students and decision of the Principal in such matter will be final and binding.
12. Members of the teaching staff are requested to use their influence on students to promote the observance of discipline within the college premises whenever they are in the college and to report to the Principal in case of deliberate disobedience and misbehaviour.
13. Students are warned against handling bicycles or other vehicle which are not their own.
14. Student are warned not to use horns, bells, crackers, loudspeakers and also not to make any sort of unusual sound which may create noise pollution in the college  premises.
15. Students are strictly warned not to tamper lights, fans, switch, gas and water taps and other types of fitting furniture and equipments etc.
16. Students are requested as a rule to bring their idenity cards to the college everyday and produce them for verification, as and when necessary.