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Education Department :


Department of Education


Brief History:- The department of Education in Pipli College, Pipli was establishment in the year. Dr. Panchanan Sahoo was the Head Of the department at that time. The prime motto of the Deptt. was to  impart knowledge to the students regarding rule of life. The main function of the deptt. is character building of the students and prepare them to face the challenges of life. Initially there was 16 Honours Seats which was extended to 42 nos.



Dr. Suchitra Kumar Sahoo. M.A. , M.Ed. L.L.B. Ph.D.

Designation:- Sr. Lecturer & HOD. Education.

Date of Birth:- 04.01.1965

Date of first Joining:-06.09.1989

Refresher attended:02

Publication:- Yes (01) – Research Journal.

Seminar attended:-07

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

  1. Account Bursar
  2. +3 admission (Help Desk)

Contact details

 Mobile- 9437177801


Prof. Anamika Sahu, M.A. , M.Phil., NET

Designation:-  Lecturer

Date of Birth:- 01.01.1978

Date of first Joining:-23.08.2017

Seminar attended:-Yes (01)

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

In-charge Self-Defence activities.

Contact details

 Mobile- 9437181199



Prof. Mausumi Mohanty, M.A.

Designation:- Lecturer

     Date of Birth:- 09.06.1993

Date of first Joining:-01.08.2017

Seminar attended:- Yes

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

Contact details

Mobile- 9853925878






Student Name Mobileno Roll No Honours
MD ABRARUL HAQUE 8249810396 BA17-003 Education
AMULYA MUDULI 7894411905 BA17-004 Education
LAXMIPRIYA SARANGI 8658997489 BA17-006 Education
SHRADHANJALI PRADHAN 9777961333 BA17-007 Education
ANITA DAS 7381638170 BA17-008 Education
RANI BEHERA 7894905734 BA17-009 Education
MADHUSMITA BHOI 8763116238 BA17-010 Education
SURESH NAYAK 9938190050 BA17-016 Education
MADHUSMITA BARAL 8658246704 BA17-024 Education
SWAGATIKA LENKA 9439729091 BA17-025 Education
GAYATRI DEI 9040790764 BA17-033 Education
REEMA MAHARANA 7873271025 BA17-034 Education
BUBUNA LENKA 8018318702 BA17-038 Education
SUJATA BEHERA 7749974453 BA17-039 Education
ROKEYA PARWEEN 9938775272 BA17-040 Education
MITA PRADHAN 7377574113 BA17-041 Education
TANMAYEE MISHRA 9692658168 BA17-042 Education
USHASI BEHERA 8596981184 BA17-043 Education
SUBHALAXMI BEHERA 8456870652 BA17-046 Education
SASMITA BEHERA 7873808685 BA17-047 Education
PUJA SAMAL 9114494005 BA17-048 Education
SILI PRADHAN 9938863842 BA17-062 Education
BARSHARANI BEHERA 9776189165 BA17-065 Education
MITALI SAHOO 7873474178 BA17-082 Education
RAKESH SETHI 7809354541 BA17-087 Education
GULAFSHA KHANUM 9778713520 BA17-104 Education
CHINKY DAS 9938396376 BA17-159 Education
PURNIMA BEHERA 7809934643 BA17-160 Education
SUKANTA NAIK 9938860352 BA17-166 Education
SUJATA BASTIA 9090243277 BA17-168 Education
PINKI PRADHAN 9692779788 BA17-169 Education
ABDUL SAHADAT 8093269957 BA17-176 Education
SUSHIL KUMAR BEHERA 8596968853 BA17-186 Education
SOUMYA RANJAN DAS 7077498380 BA17-206 Education
LITUNA BEHERA 9776428181 BA17-262 Education
SANGRAM MISHRA 9583200319 BA17-272 Education
LIZA PRADHAN 9938248507 BA17-283 Education



Name of the student Mobile No.  Roll No. Honours
MAMA SAMAL 9178797987 BA16-002 Education
SUBHALAXMI BEHERA 9937692692 BA16-010 Education
PRIYANKA PRADHAN 9583281854 BA16-011 Education
SASMITA PALA 9692152301 BA16-012 Education
GITANJALI SWAIN 7077889863 BA16-015 Education
SAGARIKA BARIK 9178849735 BA16-016 Education
PUSPITA NANDA 7873478050 BA16-018 Education
SUSHREE SANGITA MUDULI 9777166241 BA16-019 Education
TIKILI MAHARANA 9090557434 BA16-020 Education
JAYASHREE BEHERA 9668333992 BA16-030 Education
AKSHAYA KUMAR SWAIN 9438375379 BA16-034 Education
TAPASWINI SAHOO 9114181695 BA16-045 Education
SIBAPRASAD SAHANI 9583455530 BA16-051 Education
PABITRA MUDULI 9556577401 BA16-052 Education
RINKI ROUT 7751944536 BA16-059 Education
RAJESH KUMAR PANDA 7205067320 BA16-060 Education
REENA DAS 7381356078 BA16-069 Education
LAXMIPRIYA BEHERA 9556166400 BA16-073 Education
PRIYADARSHINI BHATTA 9658407497 BA16-081 Education
RAKESH KUMAR DAS 8339800950 BA16-090 Education
BISWAJIT BEHERA 7735474331 BA16-092 Education
SONALISA MOHANTY 9668508853 BA16-097 Education
BANDANA SUNDARAY 9668710121 BA16-099 Education
SRADHANJALI GHODEI 9777291267 BA16-100 Education
SURYAKANTA PRADHAN 7873807203 BA16-106 Education
JITENDRA SAHOO 8984374012 BA16-109 Education
HARAPRIYA PARIDA 7894804137 BA16-115 Education
SUNIL BARIK 8763950219 BA16-117 Education
HEMANTA MUDULI 9938866911 BA16-145 Education
RIPSONA MAJHI 8018171366 BA16-157 Education
TUSARKANTA NAIK 7873866951 BA16-181 Education
SUMITRA MUDULI 8598023567 BA16-194 Education
MAMATA SWAIN 9938859482 BA16-195 Education
LAXMIPRIYA PANDA 9090595443 BA16-223 Education
MADHUSMITA SWAIN 8093948648 BA16-234 Education
MANASWANI SWAIN 9439539041 BA16-253 Education
BIKASH CHANDRA SWAIN 9938862109 BA16-258 Education
NILADRI KANCHAN BADAJENA 9776790390 BA16-259 Education
ANNAPURNA PRADHAN 9776790390 BA16-260 Education
KALYANI BEHERA 9776304451 BA16-262 Education
SRADHANJALI SAHOO 9776430741 BA16-266 Education
BINATI DAS 9777214756 BA16-268 Education
SAWANA PARWEEN 9090570953 BA16-278 Education
DEBASISH JENA 7064518559 BA16-301 Education