1.There shall be an Association called Pipli College Athletic Association.
2.All the students of the college shall be memers of the Association
3.The Association shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following members.
(a)President - The Principal (Ex-officio)
(b)Vice-President - A member of the staff having keen interest in game, shall be nominated by the Principal as the Vice-President.
(c)Associate Vice - President 
(d)Physical Education Teacher
(e)Secretary - Any student is eligible to contest for this office.
(f)Asst. Secretary - Any student is eligible to contest for this office.
(g)Class Representative - (i) One from each of the classes, (ii) Two women students’ representatives only : one selected by girl students of +2 classes and the other by girl students’ of Degree Classes.
4.The election of the office bearers shall be conducted along with the election of the college union.
5.Members of the Executive belonging to the +2 2nd year and +3 3rd year classes shall be deemed to have vacated their offices by the date fixed for the filing of forms for the Final Higher Secondary Exam / University Examination.
6.The duties of the Executive Committee shall be
(i)To consider the budget prepared and submitted by the Secretary and the Vice-President and Associate Vice-President, if any.
(ii)To see that all major games and field events run smoothly.
(iii)To appoint and dissolve committee in case of special event.
7.The duties and power of the office bearers are
(i)The President can vote any resoluion passed by the Executive Committee.
(ii)In the absence of the President, the Vice-President, Associate Vice-President shall assume all the charges and discharge all the functions of the President.
(iii)The Vice-President,, Associate V.P can supervise the game and give necessary advice to the secretary.
(iv)The Secretary shall, in consultation with and under the counter signature of the Vice-President, Associate V.P and P.E.T shall putup notes for the games.
8.The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary in discharging his duties and assume all the responsibilities during his absence.
9.The President reserves to himself the right of amending , cancelling or adding to those aforesaid rules in the best interest of the college as and when he deems if necessary.