Vision, Mission & Objectives :

Vision :
The vision of the institution is to impart education for the spiritual and mental development of the student of this locality through scientific bent of learning having a sense of equality & fraternity in a holistic manner.
Mission :
1. To maintain well-balanced personality with civic responsibility.
2. To promote interest in Odishan culture having national touch, with  research attitude.
3. To transform of the college in to a centre of excellence and to produce professionals through application of skill.
4. To explore and utilize the natural resources of the state.
5. To develop sportsmanship and responsibility taking quality among the students.
6. To spread a deep sence of humanity and to promote scientific temper among the students.
Objectives :
1. To provide the benefits of higher education.
2. To foster economic growth.
3. To improve student performance at examinations.
4. To cultivate qualities of leadership for social reforms and social service.
5. To inculcate knowledge of information technology among students.
6. To modify the behaviour of the young adult learners which is related to their thinking, feeding and action.
7. To study, preserve and enrich the socio-cultural tradition.