The N.S.S. has been introduced in the college since 1982 to promote national consciousness, social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.
Aims and objectives : It aims at the voluntary involvement of students in various activities of social service and national development. While making a contribution to socio-economic progress it has also provided opportunity to the students to understand and appreciate the problem of the community, general social consciousness and inculcate in them a sense of dignity of labour. The primary objective of N.S.S. is to provide occasion to those students who feel motivated to serve the community, working for and with the community, understanding the problems of real-life and utilising their skill and knowledge in solving those problems. 
Specific objective : The more specific objectives of the N.S.S. are to arouse in students social consciousness and provide them with opportunity.
i)to work with and among the people.
ii)to be engaged in non-violent and constructive social activities.
iii)to enhance their knowledge of themselves and the community through an encounter & interaction with reality.
iv)to put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating atleast some of the social problems and
v)to provide them skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.
One hundred students can be enrolled in the N.S.S Unit for boys and another fifty in girls’ unit as volunteers for a period of at least two years. Each volunteer has to choose one of the following groups.
i)Social Service & Village Development
ii)Adult Literary Device
iii)Rover’s Crew
iv)Red Cross Activities
v)Village Survey & Campus Project
There will be one Annual Camp for all the above groups. Attendance in Week-End, Campus and Annual Campus(75%) attendance minimum) is obligatory. Certificates are issued to the deserving volunteers.
N.S.S. : You have the advantage of high education, knowledge & competence. Your sense of duty persuades you to come closer to your fellow men and women partaking of their weal and woe and guiding them to a better and prosperous life. You can certainly stimulate in them a longing for better living.
N.S.S. Unit in this College : There are two Boy’s N.S.S. Units and one Unit of Girl’s in this college.
How to join N.S.S. : Students who desire to join N.S.S. are to apply in plain paper in the prescribed application form . Such an application should be submitted to the Programme Officer N.S.S.Previous service is given special preference for selection.N.S.S students are not eligible for N.C.C.