Odia Department

Odia Department :


                                     DEPARTMENT OF ODIA
Odia as a premier department emerged in the year 1986 to meet the anxiety of higher studies on literature. During the year 1993 the department was sanctioned honours course with 16 seats to expand its horizon for higher learning further more. 
During the academic session 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 students enrolment in pass and honours in Odia has conveyed their interest in the field. 
Profile of Faculty 
? Dr. Sudhansu Bhusan Dash, M.A., Ph.D.
Head of the department, Odia
Date of Birth  15.02.1962 
Date of Joining: 28.09.1989 
Teaching Experiences: 29 yrs. 
Specialization: Religious trends of Odia Literature  
No. Of Publications: National -03 International – 0. 
Seminars attended – a) National - 10       b) international-01, on the theme of “Building Nations of Peace: Our Shared Responsibility”. 
Paper presented as Resource person – 
Refresher attended – Orientation -01
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Mail I.D – 
 Lect. In.Odia
? Date of Birth : 16.06.1971 
? Date of Joining : 20.08.1997 
? Teaching experiences – 21 Years 
? Specialization : Religious trends of Odia literature 
? No. of publications : 
Refresher attended 
Contact Details –
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Miss Puspalata Bisoi, M.A
 Lecturer in Odia
Lect. In Political-Science. 
Date of Birth-13.06.1992 
Date of Joining –03.08.2015
Teaching Experiences – 03 yrs. 
Thrust Area – Drama
Seminars attended – a) National     b) international- 
Refresher – , Orientation courses –  – attended
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 Miss. Smita Lenka, M.A
 Lecturer in Odia
? Date of Birth : 10.05.1990 
? Date of Joining : 03.08.2015 
? Teaching experiences – 03 Months 
? Specialization : Drama
? Seminars attended – a) National     b) international- 
? Refresher – , Orientation courses –  – attended
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Student Name Mobileno Roll No Honours
ABINASH SWAIN 8018190333 BA17-001 Odia
SMRUTIREKHA SAHOO 9437627135 BA17-005 Odia
BALARAM BEHERA 9583823573 BA17-018 Odia
DHARMAJIT NANDA 9938516497 BA17-023 Odia
BISWA RANJAN TRIPATHY 9078953445 BA17-029 Odia
RAKESH BEHERA 9937448928 BA17-032 Odia
JAYASHREE SAHOO 7683948349 BA17-035 Odia
PRIYADARSHINI PRADHAN 8260839969 BA17-036 Odia
MILAN PRADHAN 7606989722 BA17-049 Odia
PUJARANI MOHAPATRA 9178962208 BA17-051 Odia
SUBHALAXMI BEHERA 9777321535 BA17-057 Odia
MANAS MALLIK 7788957492 BA17-069 Odia
MAMATA SETHI 7809411568 BA17-073 Odia
BISWOJIT SETHI 9777721818 BA17-075 Odia
SUSANTA BEHERA 9437448661 BA17-088 Odia
LIPUN BEHERA 9778947657 BA17-100 Odia
RASMI REKHA KHUNTIA 9583462578 BA17-105 Odia
PRADEEP KUMAR SAHOO 7377653596 BA17-140 Odia
ITISHREE PRADHAN 9777457215 BA17-170 Odia
MANAS SAHOO 9853919294 BA17-171 Odia
SUNITA PRADHAN 9040938655 BA17-172 Odia
ROJALIN PANDA 9556309166 BA17-174 Odia
SIBASANKARA PRADHAN 8328885069 BA17-175 Odia
SANU SWAIN 9178802012 BA17-177 Odia
KRUSNA CHANDRA PARIDA 9040131865 BA17-178 Odia
SUMITRA SWAIN 9040033548 BA17-179 Odia
SUBHASMITA BARAL 8018136372 BA17-181 Odia
BISWA BIJAYINI PRADHAN 9090817883 BA17-182 Odia
MUNITA PRADHAN 7205364553 BA17-199 Odia
SUBASH CHANDRA SAHOO 7978689358 BA17-200 Odia
DEEPAK KUMAR SWAIN 9090948854 BA17-201 Odia
NARENDRA PRADHAN 9556644805 BA17-202 Odia
SURYARANJAN SAHOO 8093793796 BA17-204 Odia
PUSPANJALI BHOI 9777871591 BA17-205 Odia
JITENDRA SAHOO 8455899038 BA17-209 Odia
PUJA MALLICK 7064108992 BA17-210 Odia
PRIYADARSINI MALLIK 9178331037 BA17-215 Odia
BINODA ROUT 9090005274 BA17-286 Odia
SAROJINI SETHI 8594953758 BA17-296 Odia




Name of the student Mobile No.  Roll No. Honours
RAKESH KHANDAYATARAY 9776715333 BA16-017 Odia
MINATI GURU 8658085811 BA16-027 Odia
SUPRIYA PANDA 9776967855 BA16-038 Odia
SASMITA MUDULI 9937303749 BA16-044 Odia
ROJALIN GHODEI 9692485878 BA16-050 Odia
SASMITA BEHERA 9777654344 BA16-053 Odia
BEBINA MOHARANA 8018966199 BA16-057 Odia
PRADEEPTA KUMAR POLEI 8093701940 BA16-058 Odia
MAMINA PRADHAN 9778253748 BA16-066 Odia
BIJAY KUMAR BEHERA 8456072364 BA16-067 Odia
DEBAJYOTI SWAIN 9778253748 BA16-077 Odia
RUKSAR BEGUM 9178296156 BA16-082 Odia
ARCHANA SARANGI 8338940246 BA16-083 Odia
CHANDAN BARAL 9853968202 BA16-086 Odia
SUMAN SETHI 8908564282 BA16-088 Odia
SONEYA BEGUM 9040286649 BA16-094 Odia
DEEPA SARANGI 9583671126 BA16-096 Odia
PRAGATI MAHUNTA 7684892373 BA16-105 Odia
INU SAMANTARAY 9070268846 BA16-123 Odia
BIJAYA KUMAR BARIK 9090158028 BA16-125 Odia
SAHEEN PARWEEN 9124004994 BA16-128 Odia
SRADHANJALI PRADHAN 9861479665 BA16-130 Odia
TUSARKANTA MALLIK 9583898720 BA16-146 Odia
SONALI BEHERA 8984452900 BA16-150 Odia
SATYARANJAN BEHERA 9583234755 BA16-155 Odia
SAROJ BEHERA 8984420103 BA16-182 Odia
SONI BALA 8018992799 BA16-192 Odia
JHUNA DAS 8093414571 BA16-197 Odia
MANOJA NAIK 8984840480 BA16-199 Odia
RUPALI BEHERA 7735457680 BA16-200 Odia
LAXMIPRIYA MISHRA 9090183981 BA16-207 Odia
BISWAJIT BEHERA 9090790981 BA16-209 Odia
LAXMI SWAIN 8658956826 BA16-212 Odia
SUNIL SWAIN 9937141657 BA16-213 Odia
LOKANATH PARAMANIK 9776737615 BA16-215 Odia
SULOCHANA BARA 9040249670 BA16-216 Odia
BARSARANI PARIDA 9078640640 BA16-218 Odia
KRUSHNA CHANDRA PRADHAN 9777968044 BA16-220 Odia
ARPITA DEI 9583871176 BA16-224 Odia
SONALI PRIYADARSHINI 9937045714 BA16-225 Odia
PRAVATA NAYAK 7894325070 BA16-243 Odia
SATYABRATA BEHERA 9938516497 BA16-257 Odia
SUBHAKANKSHI BARIK 9337509822 BA16-261 Odia
PRASANNA KUMAR PRADHAN 9937361181 BA16-285 Odia