Physics Department

Physics Department :


Department of Physics


          Brief History:- Pipli College was established in the year 1978. The +2 science stream was opened in the year 1990. The college opened +3 science in the year 1996. The +3 science with physics pass got university affiliation in the year 1997-98. Since that date the physics department is functioning with 32 seats in physics pass. Hons teaching facility in +3 science with 8 seats came into force from the session 2016-17.


Prof. Abatar Mishra, M.Sc

Designation:-  Lecturer

Date of Birth:- 01.06.1966

Date of first Joining:-18.08.1989

Refresher & Orientation attended: 02

Publication:- International -03, Journals

Seminar attended:-Yes (07)

Paper presented as resource person:- 05

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

In-charge, Prof in charge of Gymnasium,

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Prof. Sonali Mohapatra, in Geophysics

Designation:-  Lecturer

Date of Birth:- 11.06.1989

Date of first Joining:-18.08.2014

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

In-charge of Attendance calculation +2 Arts 1st Year And intor

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Prof. Dibya Prasad Kanungo, Balasore

Designation:-  Lecturer

Date of Birth:- 16.06.1995

Date of first Joining:-10.10.2017

Seminar attended:-Yes (01)

Extra Curricular Activities allotted by the college:-

 As a validator in +2 Admission

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Mr. G.N. Dwibedi,

Designation:-  Demonstrator in physics

Date of Birth:- 05.07.1960

Date of first Joining:-17.09.1990

Extra Curricular Activities :-

Liasoning officer CHSE

Utkal University,R.D(BBSR)

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E-mail:- Nil

Sri. Ambika Prasad Rath

Designation:-  Physics Lab attendant

Date of Birth:- 11.07.1969

Date of first Joining:-09.07.1990

Extra Curricular Activities :-

Examination duty, Admission Duty

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2017-2018(+3IInd Yr.)

StudentName Mobileno Rollno Honours
RASHMIRANJAN SWAIN 8117093235 BS17-011 Physics
PRAKASH MALLIK 8280430236 BS17-047 Physics
RAJALAXMI  9861333097 BS17-073 Physics
SANGRAM JENA 7064060452 BS17-083 Physics
DIPAK KUMAR BISWAL 8093578417 BS17-103 Physics
AKHTARI BEGUM   BS17-108 Physics
ASHIRBAD PARIDA   BS17-110 Physics

 2016-2017(+3 IIIrd Yr)

Student Name Mobileno Roll No Honours
SAUMYA RANJAN DAS 8908042081 BS16-033 Physics
SUMANTA KUMAR KANDI 7539094963 BS16-041 Physics
RUTUPARNNA PRADHAN 7894333057 BS16-056 Physics
ALOK RANJAN SINGRAIN 9583102507 BS16-058 Physics
SURYA KANTA MOHAJAN 9938782324 BS16-075 Physics
MOHAMMED EZAZ 8763406420 BS16-086 Physics
MOHAMMED ALLI KHAN 7077184259 BS16-087 Physics
ABDUL KADIR QURESHI 7377627815 BS16-092 Physics