(a) College Magazine : ‘Priyambada’
It is published once in a academic session. It is intended for the encouragement and development of creative ability of students and to provide them with learned and enlightening articles from the professors of the college and other contributors. The magazine is run by Editorial Board. The Principal controls the fund for the magazine .
(b) Wall Magazine 
One wall magazine “ Bhargabi” is exhibited along with a photo gallery to the students and faculty every month.
(c) The College Calendar
The official bullentin called the College Calender containing various information regarding the college is published under the authority of the Principal once in a year. The calendar is published during each academic session. Ordinarily the calendar is meant to acquaint the students with the rules, regulation of study, extra curricular activities etc. at a glance. The calendar also extends such information to the guardians and thus serves the purpose of a ready guide.
The compilation of the calendar is vested with three members of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal. The fund on this account is controlled by the Principal who is the publisher of calendar.
(d) Other Publications
College prospectus is published annually.