College Rules


College Rule for the students

1. The Academic Session of the college is from the month of June to May.
2. Each student must register in the college office the address at which he/she resides. Any change in the address provided at the time of admission must be intimated to the office in writing.
3. Under the regulation of the +2 Council and the University a student, in order to be eligible for being sent up for the council/university, examination is under obligation to attend in each subject a minimum of 75% of lectures, tutorials ,practical etc.calculated separately .
4. The higher secondary board and Utkal University will consider application for the condo nation of shortage of attendance only in exceptional classes i.e. if it falls between 60% and 75%.
5. Students are advised not to absent themselves from classes; otherwise they are liable to be detained irrespective of their performance in the college examination.
6. Students having less than 60% of attendance in each of the subjects offered, shall not be promoted to the next higher class or shall not be sent up to fill the forms for CHSE/UU exams.
7. Fees are received only on the days fixed and notified for collection of fees or on the day fixed by the principal with a default fine of Rs.1/-. If a student fails to pay fees on the due time, his/her name will be struck off the roll on the first of the next month and his/her attendance will not be recorded until he/she is readmitted.
8. Any student who absents himself from any terminal examination without being permitted exemption by the principal will be fined Rs 100/- for each paper from which he/she is absent. Wilful absence from any such examination will make him /her liable to have his/her promotion withheld.
9. Students of the college are forbidden to get themselves registered for any outside club and/or athletic association without taking prior permission from the principal.
10. No club or society should be started or maintained in the college and no function should be organised without the approval from the principal.
11. Students must abide by such hygienic principal and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic measures as would be laid down by the Principal from time to time.
12. Students attending political meetings should conduct themselves so as not to bring them into undesirable prominence and they are not allowed to hold any political meeting within college premises.
13. Students are advised to meet the principal after obtaining his permission only in urgent cases.
14. Students shouldn’t ordinarily enter to the college office.
15. Students found copying or adopting any unfair means in examination will be severely dealt with and are liable to be reported against or have their promotion withheld as the principal decides.
16. Free studentship and financial aid from S.S.G shall be withdrawn from a student if he/she is found irregular in attending classes /examination or it he/she is involved in any act of indiscipline.
17. Cycles must be padlocked and kept in the cycle stand.
N.B.: Each student should come with proper uniform i.e. girls in (deep black salwar, sky coloured kamiz & deep black chunni and Boys with black pant & sky coloured shirt.