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Sanskrit Department :


                                              Department of Sanskrit
The department of Sanskrit was introduced in to the college academic curriculum in the year 1986 to meet the high demand of students to learn the most ancient Indian language.  Since the Vedas, Puranas; Upanishads etc… are written in Sanskrit ,the student feel the necessity of learning the moral values and ethics of these scripts.  Gradually, during the year 2003-04 the department was sanctioned with Honours course for 16 students to expand its academic sphere.  Since then regularly the Honours seats remain totally filled up till today.  Due to the high demand and student interest in the subject, there is an increase of 20% seats during the session 2014-15.
Profile of Faculty 
Dr. Kalpana Mishra,M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
  H.O.D Sanskrit
Date of Birth  29.12.1960 
Date of Joining: 07.09.1987 
Teaching Experiences: 31 yrs. 
No. Of Publications: National -03 International – 0. 
Seminars attended – a) National - 03       
Paper presented as Resource person – 02
Refresher attended -02
Orientation attended - 02
Editorial Board Member – College Magazine
Associate Advisor – Student’s Union
Contact Details 
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Mrs. Sunada Tripathy, M.A, M.Phil
Date of Birth  09.04.1964
Date of Joining: 15.12.1992
Teaching Experiences: 26 years 
No. Of Publications: National -02 International – 02 
Seminars attended – a) National - 02       
Minor Research Project Presented -01
Refresher attended -03
Orientation attended – 01
Contact Details 
Mobile –    Mobile-8280247229 
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Student Name Mobileno Roll No Honours
LAXMIPRIYA DALAI 9861228554 BA17-026 Sanskrit
PRIYADARSHINEE JENA 7606892464 BA17-054 Sanskrit
PRATIMA BEHERA 7609955110 BA17-116 Sanskrit
ROSY BARIK 8114688623 BA17-119 Sanskrit
SONALI DAS 7381356078 BA17-148 Sanskrit
RAMESH CHANDRA BARIK 9556896034 BA17-162 Sanskrit
SATYAJIT MOHAPATRA 8457861067 BA17-218 Sanskrit
TRUPTIMAYEE PRADHAN 7894172626 BA17-220 Sanskrit
MILI BEHERA 9938432455 BA17-222 Sanskrit
PRADIPTA KUMAR GURU 9861910441 BA17-223 Sanskrit
MADHABACHANDRA PRADHAN 8342006712 BA17-230 Sanskrit
CHINMAYEE BARAL 8984550637 BA17-235 Sanskrit
AJAYA KUMAR PARIDA 9040473417 BA17-237 Sanskrit
MONALISA JENA 9776020705 BA17-238 Sanskrit
PRIYADARSHINI DAS 7008260567 BA17-239 Sanskrit
PUSPANJALI PANDA 9777046033 BA17-246 Sanskrit
JAGABANDHU MOHAPATRA 7205622723 BA17-253 Sanskrit
DEBENDRA BARIK 7894580641 BA17-254 Sanskrit
RAJALAXMI PATTANAIK 7327919862 BA17-256 Sanskrit
BISMITA BEHERA 7894111284 BA17-258 Sanskrit
PRAMILA JENA 7682005373 BA17-265 Sanskrit
RAJA KISHORE BHOI 7681032387 BA17-271 Sanskrit
KIRAN SWAIN 8327729870 BA17-274 Sanskrit
DEZI DAS 8327729870 BA17-275 Sanskrit
KARISMA BEHERA 9583615921 BA17-276 Sanskrit
RASMITA PARIDA 8338826089 BA17-280 Sanskrit
PUSPANJALI MOHAPATRA 9556666041 BA17-281 Sanskrit
SONU SWAIN 9776676054 BA17-285 Sanskrit
GITANJALI NAYAK 7609078755 BA17-289 Sanskrit
GUNANIDHI BHOI 7327008418 BA17-290 Sanskrit
DAMBARU BEHERA 7789846357 BA17-308 Sanskrit


Name of the student Mobile No. College Roll No. Honours
SHUBHASHREE DASH 9861470505 BA16-049 Sanskrit
BEAUTY DAS 8093936863 BA16-071 Sanskrit
AMITA PRIYADARSHANI PRADHAN 8280430264 BA16-075 Sanskrit
SUCHISMITA SWAIN 9777593776 BA16-087 Sanskrit
SONALI NANDA 9777624133 BA16-098 Sanskrit
ABHAYA SETHI 9937114855 BA16-152 Sanskrit
PRASTUTA MAJHI 7684819808 BA16-156 Sanskrit
ROJALIN BEHERA 9556584305 BA16-164 Sanskrit
SURYAKANT BHOI 8093968207 BA16-191 Sanskrit
AZAD KHAN 9937280426 BA16-204 Sanskrit
ROJALIN SWAIN 9938254700 BA16-205 Sanskrit
SONALI PARIDA 9668539421 BA16-217 Sanskrit
BARSARANI SETHI 7328068527 BA16-233 Sanskrit
SUBHADRA BEHERA 8658826621 BA16-240 Sanskrit
SWARNALATA BHOI 7381376722 BA16-242 Sanskrit
SIPRA MOHARANA 9437184273 BA16-247 Sanskrit
JYOTSNARANI PARIDA 7377456380 BA16-273 Sanskrit
SUBASISH SAHOO 9861658216 BA16-277 Sanskrit
MAMATARANI LENKA 8018306083 BA16-284 Sanskrit
ALOK BEHERA 8658270145 BA16-286 Sanskrit
SUMITRA PARIDA 8018306083 BA16-292 Sanskrit
SURENDRA MALLICK 8457008394 BA16-293 Sanskrit
ITISHREE RAUL 9937446441 BA16-294 Sanskrit
PINKI MUDULI 9938075357 BA16-296 Sanskrit
GOURA CHANDRA JANA 9777231123 BA16-298 Sanskrit
JAYANTI BHOI 9438578292 BA16-302 Sanskrit
SUBASH JENA 7205166953 BA16-304 Sanskrit
BISHAL BARIK 9861446211 BA16-305 Sanskrit
RUKMANI PRADHAN 7377756288 BA16-307 Sanskrit
SUKANTI PARMANIK 9776737615 BA16-309 Sanskrit