1. All scholarship and aid are granted to students having satisfactory conduct.
2. Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the progress or conduct of a student is felt unsatisfactory.
3. No student receiving scholarship shall be permitted to hold any other scholarship provided wholly or partly by the Govt. without the special sanction of the Director of Higher Education. Such sanction will be accorded only for distinguished merit.


1. Junior college Merit Scholarship: Students securing 60% marks in aggregate and above in their H.S.C Examination are eligible to apply.
2. Senior College Merit Scholarship : Awarded only on the basis of result of the annual Intermediate or Higher Secondary Examination of the University or Higher secondary Board as the case may be.
3. Post Matric Scholarship are awarded by the T.R.W Department to S.C,S.T, OBC, SEBC and Minority  students on application in the prescribed form.
4. Financial Assistance is given to the children of Goldsmiths affected by the promulgation of Gold Control Order.
5. Financial Assistance is given to the children of Ex-service personnel.
6. Scholarships are awarded to students who are orthopaedically handicapped on application.
7. Odia award “ Natabar Samantaray Award” for students securing highest marks in Odia Honours in +3 1st and +3 2nd year is awarded every year from the year 2008.
8. Leave Rules for Scholarship Holders.
Absence without permission for more than 30days at one time will entail forfeiture of the scholarships 
(a) Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if the progress or conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory. 
(b) Leave other than sick-leave; Absence without permission up to seven days at one time will entail no loss of scholarship. But longer absence without permission, other than sick-leave, will entail loss of scholarship for the whole period of absence.
Students whose scholarships are tenable in the college, may get this scholarship transferred from this college when they take their transfer certificate, provided they make an application to the Principal to this effect.